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Medilisk™ Wound Closure Kit

Medilisk™ Wound Closure Kit

Without Stitches, Pain, Scarring | Expensive Hospital Bills

update 7 Times Faster And Painless Healing

wounds_injuries Prevents Wound Stretching And Scarring

health_and_safety 100% Safe & Completely Hypoallergenic

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Medilisk™ Wound Closure Kit
Regular price $28.00
Regular price $28.00 Sale price
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Recommended By Surgeons.Clinically Tested.

Wound Closure Kit MediLisk™ has been clinically tested and researched for over 10 years, and was developed with the help of some of the world’s industry leading chemists and physicists.

And we continue to consult with surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioners and other medical specialists to this day.

NO Chemicals

NO Artificial Preservatives

NO Lanolin

NO Petro-chemicals

NO Parabens

NO Steroids

NO AnimalTesting


Designed to heal cuts and all types of wounds quickly and painlessly, without stitches, pain or infection!

Works 7 times faster than stitches, without pain or scarring! With an innovative dual-action system of gripping microscope and cantilever springs, MediLisk™ tightens the wound and provides accelerated healing that no conventional bandage can. 

Unique antimicrobial iodophor solution, designed for specialized infection prevention, decontaminates the wound and prevents infection (unlike conventional stitches and dressings). Gripping staples and microscopic cantilever springs ensure tight wound closure, prevent stretching and irritation, and prevent scarring. 

A fast and effective remedy for healing cuts & wounds

Hypoallergenic, non-irritating and 100% safe.

First Aid For Cuts & Wounds


Wipe your hands with the disinfectant wipe provided in the kit. Wipe the wound edges with the disinfectant wipe or use the cotton bud provided to disinfect with liquid disinfectant. 

Dressing application

Place it in the center of the wound. Fix it and remove the upper paper. Pull the strips closer until the wound is closed. Rotate the strips 3 times to break it.  Keep it up to 7 days.

Fast healing without pain or scarring

Live life to the fullest! The unique antimicrobial iodophor solution will protect the wound from germs and infections, and the tight tie construction will prevent stretching, eliminating the risk of scarring, unlike surgical stitches.

How To Use

Natural effect for fast and safe healing

The Most Effective Remedy For Rapid Healing

MediLisk™ has unique technology to heal wounds quickly and safely, without stitches, pain or costly hospital bills. The iodophor solution provides wound debridement and the gripping staples provide tight wound closure and no scarring. 

Action at The Cellular Level

A dual-action system of microscopic gripper and cantilever springs, tightens the wound and provides rapid healing at the cellular level.

Ultra Durable & Long-Lasting

Long-lasting and completely safe to use for up to 7 days. Complete decontamination and protection of the wound.

Healing Without Stitches & Scars

Acts 7 times faster than stitches, without pain or scarring, triggers an accelerated process of natural regeneration and cellular repair. 

Safe to Use by Anyone

Proven by surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioners, completely hypoallergenic and suitable for all age groups.

Dozens of scientific studies have produced one versatile and maximally effective remedy.

  • First aid for cuts

    Instant Assistance in Case of Injury

  • Deep wounds heal

    Proven Effective For All Wounds & Cuts

  • Scar prevention

    Prevent Stretching, Irritation & Scarring

  • Wound disinfection

    Sanitizes Wound, Prevents Infection

  • Adjustable fixation

    Secure Fit, Individually Adjustable

  • Strong & durable

    Long-Lasting & Safe Use For Up To 7 Days

    Rated 4.8/5 by 15,000+ Happy Customers

    • ★★★★★

      "Literally the best invention of mankind, it's amazing how fast and easy the MediLisk™ Wound Closure Kit works! I cut my hand pretty deep, but since it happened at night, going to the hospital on the other side of town and spending the whole night there was obviously not the best idea.... I quickly applied this patch as instructed, and I have to say that in just a week, there was no trace of my deep cut. And, most amazingly, no scarring, pain or infection! Now I always keep a few on hand."


    • ★★★★★

      "I bought the Wound Closure Kit to be able to respond quickly in case of emergencies and I am so glad I did. My four year old son hit his head on a metal Easter basket and suffered a wide scalp scratch. I knew that getting stitches would be a real nightmare... and the Wound Closure Kit really saved the day. I quickly decontaminated the wound, applied a bandage and within 10 minutes my son had forgotten about his wound. The scratch took only a few days to heal and didn't give us any trouble at all. Every parent should have this on hand!" 


    • ★★★★★

      "I accidentally dropped a knife on my foot and MediLisk helped me avoid the ER. The Wound Closure Kit has everything you need - wipes to sanitize your hands, cotton swabs to gently treat the wound, and most importantly this miracle dressing that is quick and easy to apply. Special thanks for the sanitizing effect and no scars, I had a terrible experience with stitches, but with MediLisk I am finally completely safe. Also, the dressing really speeds up healing. I ordered 5 packs at once to have peace of mind!"


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